4 valuable advices for calm life

1. Find yourself an figure out who you are and who you are not. I recommend meditating.

Many people don’t really understand what does the word meditation exactly mean and they imagine by that something really complicated or extremely spiritual. But the opposite is true. Meditation means the condition without thoughts. A condition when you concentrate only on for example one subject, on your internal body or let’s say only on the moment which is just happening.

Every time when we don’t pay attention to our thoughts and we just observe them, we don’t identify ourselves with them and we just let them flow we are in meditative condition. I would call it the condition of Life because only then we are truly alive and we don’t bother with something what happened or with something which will happen.

There is only a space for a peace. Nothing else survives at that moment. No fear, no stress, no anger, no jealousy and so on. You can only find yourself in a silence. Start as soon as possible. Start noticing that you are not the thoughts running in your head. You are something completely different.

Recently I figured out the example how to confirm this fact. Try this simple experiment: Turn the music on. Any song, it doesn’t matter. And now start counting to twenty. Do you realize you can listen to the music and count at the same time? Now you only have to differ what do you do and what does your mind do. Who are YOU and who are you not? I will leave this finding and discovery to you.

2. There is never enough love

What is love? A love is everywhere around us. You, me and also everybody else around you is coming from one and the same source. From love. Never let yourself to keep love from somebody and never let anybody to keep love from you.

Firstly, learn to love yourself so you discover who you are. Try to bring love and joy everywhere you go. What else can we get from life than what we have put into it? Realize, finally, that we are not here to suffer, to feel anger or sadness. We are here because of love.

We should not let ourselves to be played by mind or outer effects. For example when you are looking for a partner, remember the deeper you will look into the person, the deeper a love can blossom! Never stay on the cover. If you feel like your partner you are with is not the one, you should obviously change it and not to keep in relationship where the energy hasn’t been flowing for a while already. You can read something about this topic in this article: http://waveofreality.com/your-partner-is-not-the-one/

3. A problem does not exist

We can only observe “negative” situations in our lives from two points of view. The first one is seeing a problem which I have to deal with and it makes me uncomfortable. I feel restlessness or tension and it simply doesn’t fit into “my” image of the day.

Another choice, which I recommend is to realize that every single situation which we experience and every single person we meet and simply everything what happens to us is what we OURSELVES have chosen. Before our birth we had chosen what we wanted to go through and mainly what we want to learn. Accept your “problems” as if you really chose them! Take them as a challenge to keep calm and to go through it all without stress and fear.

4. Try to learn the most from everything what comes to you.

Those are all gifts for you! Life gives you lessons for free to overcome them and so you have a choice to get to “higher level” again.

If you would take it this way, everything will flow with ease! Only your rational mind tells you that it’s easier said that done in reality because it only knows outer world and it loves problems. It loves to deal with questions “What was, what would be if, what will be” and so on. A mind doesn’t know a present and it always wants to take you away from it. Don’t let it happen.

Present is the only thing you have in your life. Don’t identify with thoughts anymore. You are not them. If something makes you feel out of balance, it is okay. Don’t fight it, just accept it and let if flow. What comes, will go again.

It is important for us to let it go and not to mass this energy and carry it inside of us. Always look at it from the top. Just like those feelings would not be touching you. They are only visitors who are not going to stay long unless you would keep offering treats, of course and keep them in your house.