5 of my commandments

I will honestly tell you that this article should serve as my small brochure for every day. I read these lines every morning because you have to decide every single day how you want to spend those 24 hours. I kept forgetting this in the past until I got the urge to write my “five lords” down to always have something to opt for.

 1 .  Silence and small thing in the beginning of each day.

We wake up in the morning, our colleague – internal voice – wakes up with us. As soon as we open our eyes, it starts to order all the tasks we have to do today. “Make a breakfast. Then go to work. You have to call the office. But especially don’t forger the paperwork!” But, of course, those are not some nude sentences. Mostly it looks like this: “Oh God I wanna keep sleeping! I hate that work! What a day ahead of me! I have so much work!”

What a start into a day, isn’t it?

That’s why you should start paying attention to the silence around you every morning. It is there! Sense it. Listen to the sound of the stairs when you walk them. Do you feel water? Do you smell the scent of soap? This will definitely turn you away from bothering voice in your head.

2. Don’t create fictional stories

“My head hurts. It is probably because I didn’t sleep enough. I hope it will not last throughout the whole day because I will go crazy.” That is a common monologue on the way to work. And when you are at that work: “I am broke. I need a rest. I really cannot do it anymore and on the top of it I am hungry.” Does it look familiar to you? Sentences which are telling you how bad you feel, what you need and mainly all these internal monologues are fully reasoned. Simply said, thoughts which are creating a story and you are making a “true story” out of it.

3. Realize what you are not!

Don’t forget who you are. Do not get confused the inner voice with something you really are. How could you be something what you can notice? Something you can hear? Who is noticing all these? You do not need to know who you are right away. The most important thing is that you know who you are not. You are not that voice. Start right here.

4. Value yourself and the peace you are

Yes, everybody likes calmness, ease and peace. Nobody wants to be in stress and feel nervous. Don’t you forget it sometimes? For example in moments when things are not happening according to your images. When you don’t like anything? When you are not a king of reality? Instead of raising your voice and feeling touched and unvalued, try to start realizing that you have got a choice. Start valuing yourself!

The first sign of not valuing yourself is when you allow yourself to lose your peace.

5. Accept everything!

Forget about these two words: “good and bad”. What were you given to be able to judge situations and things around you? Did you create the world? Do you know the best what is good and what is bad?

I don’t think so. So realize it. Everything is the way it is. That is the whole point. Stop looking at the world around you through some filters. Filters are just distorting that reality. Do you wanna live in a bubble made by your mind?