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About us

First of all, we would like to introduce ourselves to you, tell you who we are, how did we meet, why did we start with the blog and what kind of posts can you look forward.

We are the couple from the center part of Slovakia, my name is Vanesa (20) , my boyfriend is Daniel (22) and currently we live in the Great Britain. Our life paths have been connected by really interesting way.

Daniel texted me on Facebook and a little later on we met in the school which we both attended.We started talking and we both felt really great with each other so we would be able to spend all the time together. And then we started meeting every day even during the school lesson breaks. It was only 20 minutes so it was never enough for us. We were just friends and we had never been thinking to become anything more because I was in the relationship. If I knew how does it feel to be with Daniel and how the normal relationship should be I would have ended it up right away.

I moved out from my parents as soon as I turned 18 because we didn’t get along in many points on view on life (now we are getting along very well because they figured who is their daughter:). It was nothing terrible, I just needed to go my own way. It was pretty tough period for me since I needed to handle the job and the high school at the same time but I was satisfied because I was able to take care of myself.

The time was passing by, we were still keeping in touch with Daniel. Either face to face at the school, either online or on the phone (those were really long talks 😀 ).

Suddenly there came the time when Daniel hadn’t text me for a longer period and I had no idea what was going on. He put the status on Facebook that he had had the serious car accident when he almost died. It was in November 2014.

Bunch of people commented on it but he didn’t react since he didn’t remember anybody. In the beginning he only remembered his closest family. I did comment as well and he sent me the personal message that he hadn’t knew who I was but he wanted me to visit him at the hospital. I went there immediately. Even though he didn’t remember me he felt fine about me. Of course, I was afraid that he would not get to remember who I was and how we were getting along. But I believed so. It wasn’t coming and there came the day when he texted me that he didn’t need the friend (because he still didn’t remember me). I felt really sad because I didn’t want to lose him but I had to be okay with that, I had no other choice.

From that time we stopped keeping in touch for a while until the day he sent me the message that he got to remember me. I was impossibly happy since I believed that day would come 🙂

So Daniel was getting better and I was waiting for the day we would finally meet again. It happened in the beginning of may (fortunately I was not in the relationship anymore) when we went to the party. At that time he told me the sentence I was afraid of. He said he could imagine the relationship with me (he didn’t want any before). We were absolutely not thinking about it but what was supposed to happen happened and from that time we have been dating and we can’t imagine it any different way.

After the first month we moved in together. It was natural and we weren’t afraid of anything. We lived happily and in March 2016 we went to the Great Britain.

There is much more to tell but it would be for the longer time 🙂

We started with this blog most likely because we would like to use our skills and our (maybe different) point of view on the world to inspire and help people to see the things in easier way.
We will not focuse our thoughts only on one specific area. On the contrary, we will try to write about different topics (what is obvious from the name of our blog).
So let us surprise you and, of course, we will be thankful for each of your opinion.