I no longer stay behind veganism.

I decided to write this article based on few sentences Daniel read from one book to me.I can’t exactly remember what was written there but I remember the meaning about which I would like to write today.

The main thoughts is that it is not good to resist something and fight against something which we cannot really change in a big size. We can only spread the public knowledge about what is needed to be changed.

Daniel meant by that veganism and that he felt some anger coming from me against people who are not vegans.

Partially, he was right because when I figured out what is meat and dairy industry about, I immediately wanted to spread it among people and change their point of view on the food.

Even though I knew it was not possible with everyone right away but I wanted to give it everything.

But only after some time I realized I had really been carrying some resistance when I was seeing someone eating meat or cheese.

Do you know who I was hurting the most?

Of course, only myself. I wanted to “change” people. I wanted to change their opinions and that was the mistake.

There is so much suffering in this world.

People are suffering as well as animals are. Millions of living beings. I know that one person cannot switch everything into good by himself. It is a choice of every one of us. I personally would not be able to sleep anymore if I eat animal products.

My message is:

Do not fight anything. Accept everyone and everything the way they are or it is. Forgive them and give them some time.

They might realize so many things little later than you. Do not judge them because you think they do something bad. Those are just signs of unconsciousness and unconsciousness is neither good nor bad. It is the way it is.

Start from yourself.

We all feel the trust in ourselves but not everyone acts based on it. Many people are closing their eyes in from of the violence and suffering because it is okay with them. It is just more convenient.

What do you feel?

Submerge into yourself. There is the truth. If you would like to, act based on it. If not, it doesn’t matter.

What do I feel?

I feel I am here to show you the truth which sometimes could be cruel. I am not here to persuade you about anything or to push you to believe my opinions. I am here just to maybe stop you from time to time so you start paying attention to other information then you are used to.

If you take them or not is your decision. I am just a messenger.

Be the change you wanna see in the world.