Love and its expiration date

Do you know the definition of love? Is it maybe some chemical reaction? Or intensive emotional feeling of affection to some other person? Is it a drug? Is it a connection to some specific person based on strong physical, psychical and/or spiritual affection?

I have found really so many definitions and I tell you some of them were even conflicting each other. How would you define it?

We will agree on one thing

We all are longing for love. We want to love and want to be loved. The world seems nicer then and everything is suddenly simpler. Yes, that’s exactly how we all imagine that. The only important thing in lives is love. Love which will never disappear and nothing can endanger it. After all, nothing real can be endangered!

Imagine a young couple who fell in love. They were as one. They did everything together and with joy. They didn’t hold back their words and kisses. They blossomed with eternal love. One day they said their “yes” and decided to live under one surname. They were sure they had been made for each other. As days, months and years were passing, something changed. Kisses and beautiful words were slowly getting into conversations such as: “How was the work? Did you go to the store? What are we having for a lunch? Did you pay bills?” And similar questions which we can hear in some second-class series in TV. But they still were still laying into the same bed but already for a while with their backs facing each other. And as those years were passing, they didn’t even realize that the marriage switched into relationship of roommates.

What would they probably say on the question if there was anything missing in their relationship or if they were really happy? Or was it a real “love”?

Is it still a love?

When did their love become routine? When was that day when they said there was enough love and they switched into roommates? And not just ordinary ones! Let’s have loans together, friends and maybe even problems together. What kind of love is this? What would be a definition of this love? “Connection of two ex people in love living together just because it is a habit.” Do you agree?

Another couple is slightly different. They both felt affection to each other from the first second. They couldn’t take their eyes from each other. Inside of them, they were sure it was love. They didn’t even know each other very well. What they were able to see was enough for them. The love from the first sight. They decided to live together. They didn’t have any arguments, weren’t jealous or anything like this. As the time was passing, they realize that they had to spend time with their friends to have some fun, do some hobbies or common activities. They were only spending time together at home and in the bed. After all, that had to be enough to make them both satisfied.

As soon as they looked at each other, they knew they were unconditionally affected by the other. Was it a love? Maybe yes. But after 5 or 10 years their bodies were going to get little older. They started getting older and their vitality was slowly disappearing. And the time they were spending home and in the bed was not that great as it had used to be. They forgot that they had fallen in love with BODY so they were going to be disappointed because the body will get older and die.

Was it a love? Can it get older and die?

The definition of this kind of love was probably: “Connection of two people who have fallen in love with their bodies under the agreement on staying together without love.” Do you agree?

Now is the time for your story. What would be a definition of love? But let’s be really honest.

And think if you really want to live your life with a love with expiration date or with a love which is eternal.

It is up to you.