Hot but beautiful Madrid! What is worth to see?

Daniel’s 22nd birthday was approaching and I had no clue what kind of gift I was going to come up with. Then I got the idea that 1 memory would be better than 10 gifts which he was not going to use so I booked flight tickets to Madrid.

I made myself to keep it as the secret for 5 weeks and even until now I don’t really get how did I manage it. He didn’t have any idea what was going to happen until we got to the airport. When he finally learned he was so surprised and looking forward.

Why Madrid? The main point was the visit of Real Madrid stadium since it is Daniel’s favorite soccer team.

I have to say that they have really cool kind of tickets because the price (surprisingly) doesn’t include only the stadium tour but also so called „Tour Bernabéu“ which means the tour around the whole stadium, changing rooms, bathrooms of the players included as well as kind of sci-fi „museum“ where you can see for example shoes and players’ jerseys, all the trophies which have been gained by the team from its beginning, small „cinema“ with soccer actions, the development of the soccer  „clothing“ and much more. I have to say that even non-fans of soccer would be really impressed. The stadium is located right next to the metro station. Get off the metro on Santiago Bernabéu.

You will find more in the video.



IMG_3413 IMG_3417




Of course, Madrid has amazing squares which you can see on our pictures or in video.

The atmosphere was typically Spanish, calm and nice. Artists are getting our mostly during the night. People are not in the rush let’s say like in London.

IMG_3421 IMG_3419 IMG_3423 IMG_3426 IMG_3427 IMG_3429 IMG_3499 IMG_3486

When you get off of the metro at Atocha station and walk to the old station hall, you will find beautiful palm garden. People are coming there just to relax and we felt really great there.

IMG_3481 IMG_3536 IMG_3437

Teleferico or Madrid’s cable railway. You must visit it. You should get off of the metro at Arguëlles station. There is the cable railway entrance really close to the metro station. It is located on Paseo Del Pintor Rosales street. Completely quiet and minimum of people. What else should I add? Really nice route and amazing view on Madrid!

IMG_3394 IMG_3386 IMG_3387 IMG_3388


We ate a lot, of course! Oooh not just a lot! And how good it was!

. Real jardín botánico a Parque Del Retiro. They say those are one of the most beautiful gardens and parks in the world. Check out the pictures and then go see it yourself!

IMG_3379 IMG_3339 IMG_3366 IMG_3367 IMG_3369

IMG_3372 IMG_3373 IMG_3377 IMG_3478 IMG_3357 IMG_3360

We have used AirBnB again and this was out pretty apartment where we were accommodated.