Learn the art of happiness!

Imagine a man who got lost in a desert. He decided to go to west so he would find his rescue for sure. As he was walking the hot sun was burning his body skin and the water he had on him had been dangerously disappearing.

After few hours the man got into the bottom of his strength and the only thing he needed was refreshment. This refreshment would had given him a power to walk further and find his redemption. By the evening when he was only crawling from the least amount of his strength, he found one big tent where the fire light was flashing. As soon as he crawled to the tent, the woman came out of it and gasped: “Oh my God, you gotta be thirsty and broke!” And she asked him a question how could she help him. After the longer consideration the man said: “Iced tea and pour the bath for me, it will save my life!” And the woman replied: “Unfortunately, I don’t have that.”

What did happen to the man? Did he survive? Did he die? Why for God’s sake did he want iced tea and a bath when clear water would be enough for him?

And why do we – people answering the question if we want to be happy with the answer: “Yes, but…” Why does our happiness, our surviving have to be conditioned by some circumstance? “Yes, I want to be happy but my partner cannot leave me, I cannot lose my job and everybody has to love me!” Won’t you otherwise be happy?

What does our happiness depend on?

Is it really that hard to understand? It is simple decision. Either I want, either I don’t! There is no “but”! I know that some things are happening which we don’t have to agree with. Things which can make us angry or put us on our knees. For example, when your partner leaves you or some of your close people dies. These things just “happen”!

We have come to this planet just for a short period. We were born and in relatively short time we will also die. So why do we turn this short time into suffering? Why do we act as we were immortal and we think there is enough time for happiness and joy in life? When if not now?

Are you capable of changing something you will never have under your control?

No, you are not. You cannot change the weather as well as you cannot change another person. You have to get used to life flowing and it doesn’t care if you agree with it or you dislike something. The only thing you really need to control is your happiness, your inner peace, your heart. And that will happen only by your honest decision of you being happy man.

You cannot be changeable as the weather

If you have decided to just be happy and to manage life situation with ease then you cannot let total opposite things happen. What kind of a deal was that? You have concluded the promise with yourself that you would be happy. Even though something you won’t agree with will happen. Of course, you can feel sadness or anger, it is human. But remember that in your depth, in your real “you” you can feel peace and calmness. That will secure that you will never identify yourself with sadness nor anger.

Instructions are easy

If you decide that you only and just want to be happy so you can. Be sure your life will put some boundaries into your way. But it is just for you to make sure that you mean it seriously with that happiness. There is no condition. Your inner peace is your inner world and that one is the most important to you. Don’t give any conditions for outer world to it. Because you can’t control outer world!