You shouldn’t be a vegan if…

We can see a lot of discussion or even arguments about this topic online. Lots of people are saying they simply cannot be vegans. So, my friend, in my opinion you should not switch into vegan lifestyle in these cases:


  1. If you wanna keep being manipulated by huge meat and dairy factories which exactly know how to set up only what you are supposed to see. And it is: the final product.

Mmmm fried cheese with mayo, egg with bacon or some amazing meat….Are you getting hungry? This is exactly what is going on on this world. Manipulation of human consciousness and hidden truth. The truth obviously is the whole cruel process which is being changed into nice look and taste of the final product.

2. If you wanna keep listening to your ego which tells you different stuff.

“Are you nuts? You will die of starving if you become vegan! You won’t have enough nutrients and you won’t have anything to eat! Do you wanna chew every day only fruits or vegetables? What will people think about you, everybody is making fun of vegans! You cannot give up on that taste! It is pretty normal to eat meat! People were hunting in prehistory and we are on the top of nutritive chain!…” (If you wanna stop listening to your mind and identifying with its habits in the behavior, I recommend you to read this article:

3. If you think that animals such as cow, pig or chicken don’t feel any pain and they do not have any feelings the way you have or they are not being hurt for your 10-minute-long pleasure on your plate.

4. If you think that eggs are something different that secretion of chicken having period or that cows are not being raped by metal poles to be able to give milk to people after the birth while their brood are being taken away but it gives milk itself and is having too much of it so that’s why we, people, are drinking it.

5. If you wouldn’t mind drinking maternal milk of other animal such as pig, giraffe or other strange woman and you think it is healthy and it contains a lot of calcium.

6. If you have a feeling that your meat is something different than the dead body of living animal. And if you wouldn’t have a problem eating let’s say dog, cat or horse. (What is, by the way, pretty common in other cultures.)

7. If you think that suffering, stress and fear of these animals have not been transferred into the product you are having on your plate.

8. If you think you are natural consumer of meat. So it means you are hunting every second day with your own hands some animal which you cut with your sharp teeth and your stomach processes it with no problems.

9. If you are always able to ignore the truth which you can feel deep there inside of you.


10. If you always find some good excuse why to support the violence and killing animals just because of your habit, laziness and taste.