The rule of 3 seconds

We are all facing situations in our lives which could raise our blood pressure. Doesn’t matter if it is a traffic jam or inappropriate words of our relative. Our reaction is always pretty similar. Nervous and mostly noisy. And after a moment we start thinking if we had to react the way we reacted. If you wanna start controlling your reactions, this rule will be really helpful for you.

What does it mean to react?

Do you know when to react? It is exactly then when words fly out of your mouth earlier than you even have time to think about them. And this is how the viruses enter relationships between people and present which start making the whole reality unpleasant. “You are absurd, it doesn’t interest me with you anymore, that *** didn’t give me a way!” Spilled words in a second which we will feel sorry about in a while. And if these reactions will fill up more and more of our time, it will soon reflect on our physical health.

Don’t you have a control?

Are you able to control yourself in any situation? When everything goes by “plan” it is definitely very simple. We are ready for anything and nothing can surprise us. But as soon as something will turn from the plan we start losing the self control. A stress, nervousness and fear are coming. Didn’t we maybe forget who is the king of own body, own mind and own feelings? Does really some outer circumstance rattle you? Are we really that unstable?

Ready, steady, go!

These words led me to the rule of 3 seconds. Though, it has to be enough for me to judge my reaction and be fully ready for it. It has to be enough for me to remember that my internal peace cannot be interrupted by anything from outside. Whenever you will be in a situation when you feel that something is revolting inside of you and you start loosing control, start quietly counting to 3. How do I start counting to 3 seconds when I got nervous and I cannot think of anything else? Good point. Of course, it won’t happen immediately because we only have been reacting throughout the whole life and our mind is set up to it. So it just takes training. Everyday training.

What will you even get by this?

Not only you will get but also close people around you! Your relationships with people around you will be fulfilled by conscious acting and there won’t be any argument or insults anymore. Swearing on broken car, on non-working electricity or on bad weather will become a past.

Who would be voluntarily harming themselves with own negativity? Conscious person definitely not.