The look from the top

This article has been made on the top. Not from the huge top but nevertheless from the top. In the plane over the clouds.

Few days ago, me and Daniel were traveling back to England. We flew in the evening and we were talking. We discussed several topics and suddenly we kept looking down on the heap of little lights. Cities and countries looked so small!

Suddenly I imagined that I am as big as I could step on it all as on a small anthill. I told it to Daniel and he his reaction was: “You know, there are people everywhere and each of them is carrying their own problems in their heads.”

We started to laugh about it! It really seemed awkward and funny at the same time. I was thinking about it for a while and I told myself I could transfer this thought into article.

Why can’t we just overcome any situation? Why not to look at it from the top, with ease? Can you imagine how easier and nicer it would be for us to live?

What would happen if we didn’t believe that we are a part of a problem we are trying to solve?

What if we didn’t identify ourselves with what our mind says? What if we didn’t believe all of our fears? What do you think would happen?

A miracle would happen.

A miracle which means calmness, peace and distance. This miracle will represent your harmony with who you really are and with what you are living – with your personal story. Try it this year deliberately.

Try to get into heights with any situation and look at everything from the top as at some movie. We will reach huge freedom. We will free ourselves from our reactions and emotions which are often doing whatever they want with us and which we often regret.

You will see that after finding a distance and a peace you will bring a right vibration into each “problem” solving and everything will go easier. There won’t exist any problems anymore or tough situations. Those will be simply just your other steps.

You are not a body, you are not thoughts and you are not emotions either. You are the one who can observe it all. So just observe and let yourself to be surprised what will happen.