The summary of our 2016

How was our year? I think it was revolutionary, very productive and travel.

Revolutionary mainly because we moved to England and as we have figured out later on it was really inspirative for us.


We started working for one book company. At that time, Daniel once told me he wished to write a book as well. I answered that I could start a blog and if he wanted, he could be posting there from time to time. His reaction was the answer that we both could start it!

And so we did. And not just like that. Right in two languages. Straight into the whole world, not just to Slovakia! I think it was a right decision.

We established our blog totally by ourselves and design was created ourselves as well. It was not the best one but since we did not have any experience with anything like that before, it looked good.

As we had been seeing the amount of visitors had kept raising, we decided to make it better. It was in the beginning of October. Totally new professional design and mainly the option of language change.

We have started in the beginning of May and now there are nearly 10 000 of you!!!

It´s unbelievable! You are truly amazing people. We deeply thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support! Trust us that what we do for you, we do with the best intentions. We do what we like. We sell you what we know. We do it for free and in your spare time. Just because we want and we have a good feeling about it. We have chosen this way where we are together with you.

Among other things, we were also traveling a lot this year for you to be able to get inspired in this way as well.

You can check where we were and what is worth to see. Here in England, we have visited Birmingham, Liverpool and London. We went to Madrid on Daniel´s birthday and on mine we went to France and Barcelona.






Perpignan, Francúzsko

How will we keep going?

We are planning lots of surprises in 2017 which we do not want to share yet. We believe you will still be enjoying to be a part of The Wave of Reality and that you will always find what you need and what will help you!

We wish you happy new year 2017 full of love and joy! 

Be the change, be yourself!