Two worlds of yours

Have you ever realized that we have been living in two worlds? 

Just imagine a kid who has grown up in orphanage. Let’s name him David. He had just been dreaming about the caress from his mum or dad. He didn’t know esteem and respect. The only thing he had learnt in his life was that he must follow his goals and work hard. If he wanted to be happy in his life, he must be successful.

David dedicated mostly his whole life to his carrier. “I wanna be happy!” he kept telling himself and was reaching one goal by another one. After some time, David became really successful businessman. He was traveling and spending money on whatever he wanted to. He didn’t have limits. Then one day he got very sick. He got so sick that he couldn’t even move from the hospital bed. He just told doctors to bring the best one of them because he didn’t have any problem to pay. He had spent a little while in the hospital but nobody came to see him. He didn’t seem like any non-sociable man, he didn’t behave badly. That’s why one of the nurses couldn’t cope with it and came to ask who he was.

He answered her question about the kind of live he had been living and if he was happy immediately. “Yes, I do have everything I ask for. I have successful carrier and I won’t spend my money on the bank account even until the end of my life.” And the nurse asked again. “And what exactly do you need right now out of everything you have? You don’t even know if you make it out of this illness.” Except of her thinking what David had done wrong in his life, she asked what bad had been done to him. This was a key question. David looked into his inside for the first time. He felt emptiness. He got scared because his inner world was strange for him. The only thing he had known was outer world. He realizes he had been living his life as an unwrapped gift. He had never looked inside and if he did, he would never got lost in the outer one. And he didn’t have to fall on the bottom to understand these two world.

Why do we get lost?

Unfortunately, we still believe that the outer world is the only one. He long for a successful carrier, for the most beautiful partner, the biggest house and the modernest car. Why? Is it because it will raise our value? Do we feel like we are more that “the others”? We finally have to realize that all these beautiful things will disappear one day. Your carrier will end, your partner will get old, the car will be old and rusty a even your body will end up in the same way! Do you still wanna rely on something what does not have to be here tomorrow? When will you finally open a can and see what is inside? Or are you waiting for falling on the bottom yourself?

Inner world

Yes! Exactly the one inside of us. Until when do we want to ignore it? It is here! And it has always been. What do you feel? Sink into your depths and answer yourself. Is it sadness, fear, stress? Until when will you naively think that antidepressants or drugs will cure it? You will never truly understand this world if you don’t take responsibility for your internal world. You are a president here, nobody else is. Just imagine if you lost your vision. What kind of world would appear to you?

Connect these two worlds

Do you wanna live in a harmony? Do you wanna do the things in your life the way you feel them? Why do you still listen to your mind which lies to you that you are not capable of doing something or you should not do something? The instructions to change this are very simple.

You have an amazing tool. And it is attention. Notice that when you look at a botanical garden, your attention scans the whole area in one second and you don’t need to name each flower in your mind. Your attention is simply incredibly awake and fast. Use it on daily trips into your inner side. But remember you don’t need to mark these trips by your mind. Research your internal world. Research what is behind sounds of your mind and behind what you can see with your eyes. You will be really surprised by the gift you have been disregarding throughout the whole time.