A life with a tyrant? Psychopath?

Imagine that you would have to be in constant contact (24/7) with a person with these features: Never stops talking. Silence would be a real rarity with this person. Judges everything and would act very critical and disrespectfully to you. Gives you orders what to do and what not to do throughout your whole life. Whenever you do something “bad”, a person reminds you over whenever there is an opportunity and doesn’t even think of forgiving. Always sees a bug in you. Tells you he/she cannot be wrong. Bombs you with the question when you will find somebody because you are not complete without partner. Always finds something you are missing. Tells you that you are something less than others so you won’t reach anything big. What kind of life would it be with this person? Would you make it? Or would you flick off this person from you with a whip?

And what if you carry this person with you?

And what would be a finding that you voluntarily live with this kind of person? Recently I spoke with a person who said he could never learn from mistakes and always break everything, that he always scares away love. He doesn’t have any reason to like himself because he has made so many mistakes that there is nothing else left that to hate himself. Isn’t is similar to the person I just described?

Whatever eyes don’t see, the heart feels anyways.

Why did we get used to believe only what our eyes see? If you could see this person, why would you immediately flick him/her off from you? Because it is logical and right! And why don’t you do it even though you can’t see him/her? Isn’t is enough that you are able to sense and hear that person? Does really vision decide what is real and what is now? How would probably a blind person sense the world? Would it not exist for him? Just because he doesn’t see it?

What if there are more persons like this inside of us?

Voice the same as the other. Yes, that voice which is commenting everything from the morning till evening. But be careful! You might have come to the point when you are able to identify that voice. Right? When it starts to be negative and really unpleasant. That’s when you can stay away from that voice. But what if that voice changed into someone who is praising and complimenting? “You are amazing! You are really better than others! Nobody else would make it this way!” Do you think that you really are this voice? That you are not a negative voice but you are a positive one? And what if it is just some kind of a game? Some game which makes you identify yourself with that voice again.

There are two options

Of course, there are. You have a choice as in everything. Only that voice, that person keeps telling you that you don’t have a choice. You can choose. You can either live with tyrant and you can trample down your peace and real entity somewhere deep inside of you. Or you can finally identify this tyrant and realize him. Which means you start observing only instead of listening to him or believing. To ignore? No, just observe and realize one thing. Who is able to observe? You. You are the silence behind the noise in your mind. Isn’t it freeing?